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Wolverhampton, South Staffs & Shropshire

About Us

If you are looking for a portrait or a piece of photographic art to adorn your walls then look no further.

Our photography portfolio is something that we truly believe sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, fine art portrait and photographic services, to both the general public and commercial sectors.

We believe a Portrait can be more than just an everyday snapshot. We also feel strongly that photography can be used to tell a story, and that a beautifully well created image can become a legacy.

Our Goal

Portrait Photography is more than just a captured image. To us it is an art form, and part of the essence within a well created portrait is story telling. This is something we aim to provide within every photographic image we produce.

Seeing the beauty of what we capture is just one aspect that can be enjoyed within our work. We aim to entice a viewers imagination, urging them to create their own stories within the images provided. Your imaginations are the power that drives the vision within each and every portrait. As much as each image will have its very own story, every photograph will be interpreted differently by each person who views it. What we do is provide the building block to entice your minds.

Capturing and creating precious moments allows us to create portraits that evoke the stories and memories within it. Whatever the situation or occasion, each subject whether it be Children, Families, Pets or even Newborns our love of producing bespoke photography, results in a piece of work that we want our clients to be proud of and display. A frame that holds a vision frozen in time, something inherently spectacular that can be looked back upon and adored for years to come.


Our photography studio is located in the beautiful village of Pattingham which lies on the outskirts of South Staffordshire, Wolverhampton and Shropshire.

However don't let our location put you off. We work both in the studio and on location. Due to our unique style of work we have attracted clients from much further afield. We are also more than happy to travel ourselves if the need arises.

Location Lifesttyle Envronmental Portrait Photography
Fairy Portrait Photography
Baby Newborn Portrait Photography

Our Award Winning Photographer

David James Coxsell is a fully qualified and award winning photographer. Although David has attended and successfully completed various courses, his techniques are mainly self taught which lend themselves to his unique style. He gained Distinctions throughout his education firstly studying Black & White film along with standard darkroom processing. He then enrolled on a HND course to further his skills in both analog and digital work. A couple of years later in 2010 he graduated with a 1st BA Honours Degree in Visual Communication (Photography) from Birmingham City University.

David takes a large chunk of his inspiration from cinema, fashion editorials, books and the art of story telling. By using these visual aesthetics he is able to combine and transfer them into his own visions and art.

David says ..."We are all at times inspired by realms of creative imagery, and with that imagery we are able to create scenarios within our own imaginations. Combining those inspirations with our own ideas and transferring them to other media forms, we are able to release a visual language that is unique to our own personalities. Then through sharing these newly created visuals, we in turn inspire others which then entices their imaginations. The system repeats."

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